29 Weird Facts About Sex You Didn’t Learn In School

Sex is one of those things that you really want to talk about, but at the same time, you really don’t. So next time your game of “never have I ever” gets inevitably sexual again, you can avoid awkward questions about your sex life by distracting people with little known facts. You’re welcome.


1. Semen has a lot of natural ingredients.

Examples? Well, let’s see, semen contains nitrogen, fructose, lactic acid, ascorbic acid, cholesterol, glutathione, creatine, citric acid, sorbitol, urea, uric acid and Vitamin B, along with various salts and enzymes. A vegan’s delight.


2. Your sex antics may affect your income.

A year-long study of Greek household finances showed that people who had sex four or more times a week earned significantly higher wages than those who didn’t.


3. The smell of pumpkins are somewhat of a male aphrodisiac.

Research conducted by The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation of Chicago shows that the smell of pumpkin can increase blood flow to the penis. This also provided some insight as to why men love Thanksgiving so much.

4. Erections may be tied to income.

Studies suggest that erectile dysfunction is more common in men whose wives earn more money than them.


5. “Doing it like rabbits” actually makes sense.

If you’ve ever wondered where the expression “going at it like rabbits” came from, the answer is: science. In every male ejaculation, there is an average of 280 million sperm, which is the exact same number as for rabbits.


6. Penises used to have spines.

Yes. Spines. Luckily, spiny penises have evolved out even before Neanderthals. Scientists still can’t really figure out why it was there in the first place.

7. “Penis curses” existed in history.

On a Greek island, a penis curse from Ancient Greece was discovered. It was inscribed on a lead tablet and said “May your penis hurt every time you make love”.


8. Western Australia loves a good threesome.

A survey shows that 53% of Western Australia has had a threesome.


9. Quite a few people like to get it on at work.

According to a survey held by a website for jobs and career services, over 10% of people have had sex at work.

10. Women can have orgasms by working out.

First documented in 1953, Alfred Kinsey and his colleagues stated that about 5% of women they interviewed had orgasmed during exercise.


11. Sex is bad for your house interior.

Common things that break during sex: bed frames, walls, windows, lamps and vases.


12. Sperm travels really, really fast.

Surely you knew this, but did you know exactly how fast? Well, when a man ejaculates, the initial spurt travels at 28 miles per hour. That’s faster than the world record for the 100m sprint, which is 22.9 miles per hour.

13. Female ejaculation is actually just… pee.

Well, not all of it but, yeah. Scientist have recently reported that female ejaculation is part pee, part prostate fluid.


14. Sperm contains a LOT of information.

One single sperm contains 37.5MB of a male’s DNA information.


15. Housework makes men not want sexy time as much.

Housework is a real turn off for men. In fact, studies have shown that men have less sex if they do more housework.

16. 33% of Americans get injured during sex.

They’re either doing it wrong or doing it very, very right. Injuries include bruises, carpet burn, pulled muscles or sprained ankles.


17. Cow dung used to be a contraceptive.

Ancient Egyptian women used to eat cow dung as contraception. It may have worked as a spermicide, as it’s slightly alkaline, but it probably worked because no one wants to get it on with someone who eats cow dung.


18. Seniors love oral.

25% of women and 37% of men, ages of 50 to 80+, have given oral sex in the last year, the Indiana University Journal of Sexual Medicine shows.

19. Size does matter.

Each year, there is a Smallest Penis In Brooklyn contest. Yes, it’s a real contest.


20. Semen can cure depression.

Semen actually contains certain chemicals that can elevate mood, increase affection and induce sleep. Leading to an all-round happier mood.


21. Men who are overweight last longer in bed.

A study conducted in Turkey in 2010 looked into the average performances of men over the course of a year. The study showed that overweight men lasted almost three times as long.

22. Oral isn’t just a human thing.

Some species of the animal kingdom are into the old fellatio as well. Wolves, bears and bats are all known to perform oral sex.


23. Women can have more powerful orgasms during their period.

The vagina is much more sensitive during menstruation, which can lead to more powerful orgasms.


24. Being kinky is healthy.

Studies have shown that people that experiment a little bit in the bedroom may actually be more psychologically healthy than those who keep it vanilla.

25. Semen was once used as invisible ink.

During World War I, the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), figured out that semen could be used as invisible ink. However, they stopped using this trick after they discovered the rank stank of it when it got older.


26. Males over 70 have more sex.

Males over 70 have 230 times more sex than females over 70.


27. Creative people have more sex.

Musicians and poets in particular. Sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll and all that.

28. Your brain plays no part in ejaculating.

Ejaculating comes from your spinal cord, not your brain.


29. Vaginas are super stretchy.

The average vagina is only a tiny 4 inches long. However, some things cause the vagina to expand, such as arousal and obviously, contractions.