29 Blood-Curdling Face Swaps From Hell

In theory, face swaps sound fun. In reality, they’re really not. They’re utterly disturbing pictures that will stay on your mind forever.


1. That cleavage suits you well, Patrick.


2. Jennifer Aniston is rocking that Pixie.


3. Can you decide which face is more disturbing?

4. Not so pretty now.


5. She’s been working out.


6. They’re going to find out what happened.

7. It’ll be one creepy Halloween this year.


8. That moment you realize McDonald’s really isn’t good for you.


9. Better run before it’s too late.

10. Why do both of them have a beard?


11. Just one giant NOPE.


12. At least one of them is enjoying himself.

13. Just a casual afternoon stroll.


14. Tattooed seal is up to mischief.


15. What a cute bunch of puppies… babies… puppies?

16. Yes, we can.


17. Bacon for breakfast?


18. Maybe their relationship would have worked out that way.

19. Ron, it’s time for a trim.


20. Whatever it is you’re doing, please stop.


21. This works? Sorta.

22. Chew Solo and Han Bacca.


23. Enjoy.


24. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this picture.

25. Chicken cuddles.


26. Meanwhile, on bird planet…


27. Lord, please have mercy.

28. Happy stingray day.


29. Pug life.