28 Ways Binder Clips Can Change Your Life Forever

Binder clips can be absolute life and money savers. If you’ve ever worked in an office you’ll know what these bad boys can do for your notes. Here are some sensational alternative uses around the home that will help keep things organized and help keep some $$ in your wallet.


1. Money clip/wallet.


2. Recipe book holder.


3. Secure equipment.

4. Safety cover for razors.


5. A handy tripod for your phone.


6. Sponge holder.

7. Squeeze and hold your toothpaste.


8. Headphone rest.


9. Teabag holder.

10. Replace broken keyboard rests.


11. Smartphone dock.


12. Car phone/GPS mount.

13. DIY lightbox.


14. DIY storage system.


15. Thermometer holder.

16. Bookmark.


17. Tablet/Kindle holder…at a stretch.


18. Recipe/speech card holder.

19. Temporary button.


20. Trash bag holder.


21. Pants protector.

22. Wrapping paper organizer.


23. Frameless photo display.


24. Neatly store cables.

25. Keep those opened crisp fresh.


26. Label and separate cords.


27. Make a perfect sphere…if you have a spare 12 hours.

28. Create a pyramid of beers.