These 28 People Are Definitely Having A Worse Day Than You

Smile. There is no way, no possible way your day is worse than these 28 people.

1. It’s a bad day for this cheater.


2. ALWAYS take off your socks.


3. That’s not the relaxing toilet time you want.

4. That’s not a good start to the day.


5. She is NOT having fun.


6. Monday: the ultimate bad guy.

7. Yeah, you’re not driving to work today,


8. He’s head over heels for Mondays.


9. It’s best not to ask.

10. This poor pup’s having a rough morning.


11. This couldn’t have gone any worse.


12. Poor kid ain’t as skinny as he used to be.

13. This has to be bad luck.


14. Well thanks, honey…


15. No one wants a reject ring!

16. Complete carnage.


17. Good morning, disaster.


18. That’s a bad review.

19. The customer’s not going to be happy about that.


20. That’s not how locks are supposed to work.


21. Oh dear…

22. A defensive legend.


23. Whoops.


24. Disaster strikes the orchestra.

25. “Ooops, I tripped.”


26. Bad bet to lose.


27. NEVER touch Grandma.


28. But…why? How?