28 Brilliantly Dark ‘Simpsons’ Jokes That Hit The Nail On The Head

Arguably the greatest show to ever grace TV screens around the world, The Simpsons‘ longevity has meant that many fans of the show feel it has stymied somewhat and that the older episodes are certainly better than the newer ones. This argument is a strong one, but let’s face it, when you’ve been on TV for as long as the show has this are inevitably going to stagnate.

Here we celebrate the subtly darker jokes that the show has produced over the years. Often seen as a family show, the residents of Springfield have long been known for their adult-themed humor. It is such an intelligently written and subtle show that there are many jokes you don’t notice the first time around. The morbid, close-to-the-bone elements of these jokes are¬†something that has sadly been lacking in the newer series’ of the brilliant, groundbreaking show. Another eye-opening aspect is that many of these moments could be seen as watersheds, or precursors to seminal moments in modern society.


1. We’ve seen this in recent years somewhat.


2. So funny, yet sadly so true.


3. Again, the accuracy of this joke hits close to the bone.

4. So dark, so brilliant.


5. Sweet relief.


6. Of course, were this to happen today it would be all over social media.

7. Winter is coming.


8. Taking a Python-esque approach to the news.


9. This is scarily accurate.

10. A life lesson we should all learn from and pass on to future generations.


11. We all know bringing religion into thing is a poisoned chalice.


12. “No one’s gay for Moleman.”

13. It must be a tough cross to bear in fairness.


14. Men, only dealing in the literal and physical.


15. Poor Emmit.

16. Yeah, the only way…


17. You have to like those odds.


18. #friendshipgoals.

19. This is the brilliance of The Simpsons.


20. Oh Kirk. Poor Kirk, of course you can borrow a feeling.


21. Might???

22. He sacrificed himself…just saying.


23. Replace the TV with a smartphone and you have modern society.


24. Relationships are reciprocal.

25. “Don’t say revenge, don’t say revenge.”


26. The perfect card for any ten-year-old.


27. Donald Trump’s newest campaign promise. “Gotta nuke something”.

28. “Send five dollars to ‘Antidote, PO BOX Springfield'”.