28 Beds That Really Make The Magic Happen

You’re going to spend nearly 300,000 hours in bed over the course of your lifetime. Don’t sleep like a chump. Upgrade to these ballin’ original and inspiring beds.


1. Zip Bed by Letto – Because ballers don’t make their beds, they just zip it clean.


2. Phat Knits Bed. Your granny’s knitting got nothin’ on this.


3. Private Cloud Bed – Do the rockaway.

4. Feel Deluxe Bed – It’s like sleeping on a cloud…of giant tennis balls.


5. Le Beanock bed – Hangin’ out. The MJ (Jackson, Jordan, take your pick) of hammocks.


6. Vertical Bed – For the weirdo with everything.

7. Once Upon a Dream Bed – It’s got temperature, lighting controls and curtains. You need this in your life.


8. Concealed Safe Bed – Plank on a million.


9. Ying Yang Bed – Spirit bunking. Hey, opposites attract, right?

10. Curved Pet Beds – Too gosh darn cute. And you get to watch them do epic leaps into ’em.


11. Napshell bed – Make your kid love you. Even more of course.


12. Fetal bed – Some people see it as restrictive, some people see it as perfect.

13. itBed – It’s made out of cardboard, but it’s completely safe, and it completely flat packs away.


14. Book Bed – Read your lit-lover partner’s mind with this one.


15. Scoop Tondo bed – Bond like James Bond.

16. Magnetic Floating Bed – Yes this exists. Get your American Dream on.


17. Brush Bed – Ain’t nobody do it better.


18. You can change this into ten different options. For those scared of commitment.

19. Burger Bed – Because humor is a massive turn on.


20. Doc Sofa Bunk Bed – Well, that was unexpected.


21. Kartell Trix bed – You got to know when to fold ’em.

22. Geometric Bed – Pretty handy in an earthquake.


23. Enignum Canopy Bed – For the Sci-Fi lover.


24. Cosmovoide bed – Stars love this one.

25. Colletto Bed – Don’t leave this nest empty.


26. Wave bunk bed – Way to make adults jealous of bunk beds.


27. Birds Nest – Home of the bald eagle.

28. Sonic Bed – Boom box, sick!