26 Moments That Were The Beginning Of The End

Some days life just doesn’t go your way, one small thing can set you on a destructive downward spiral. These moments are the beginning of the end.


1. Then you lost your moral compass completely and became a cannibal.


2. Then you went and lay inside for a week without food.


3. Then you tried a mouthful…

4. Then you went and stood in the corner and silently wept.


5. Then a rotten vegetable hit you plum in the forehead.


6. Then you did a Marilyn Manson and got two ribs removed.

7. Then he had a heart attack and this is all you had to remember him by.


8. Then you put the poor in Porshe.


9. Then you went all Christopher McCandless and went Into the Wild. 

10. Then there were actually no Pringles for anyone, ever again.


11. Then you had to get your mouth around the whole damn thing to suck.


12. Then you became a human projectile.

13. Then, as your face hurtles toward the ground, you realize that Matt Hoffman shouldn’t be designing bike paths.


14. Then you moved in. There is no leaving this situation.


15. Then you swore merciless revenge upon this incorrigible Bay West.

16. Then she left you for your best friend. He became an NFL star and they have two beautiful kids.


17. Then your car became an impromptu submarine.


18.  Then your buddy decided he was, in actual fact, an ostrich born in a human body.

19.  Then you went and joined him.


20. Then you realized how much you guys had in common.


21. Then you realized that Robert Frost did not mean this in his poem.

22. Then you wished there wasn’t a raging chemical fire on your heels.


23. Then you never listened to music ever again.


24. Then you had a dream…

25. Then you went and worked at McDonald’s for 28 years.


26. Stopping on the way to do as instructed.