26 Moments Only OG PlayStation Players Will Appreciate

When the original PlayStation was released, the world gasped in wonder and then proceeded to lose its mind. Here are 26 reasons why the original PlayStation changed gaming forever and why only those fortunate few who grew up playing it will realize its significance.


1. The extra memory card you bought because you clogged the first one with Crash Bandicoot Saves.


2. Playing as Spider-Man in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2.


3. Winning ‘cheap’ with Eddy Gordo’s over the head kick in Tekken 3 and pissing off all your friends.

4. These incredible Madden graphics.


5. Collecting women’s clothing (for some reason) in Final Fantasy VII.


6. That priceless moment where Psycho Mantis read your memory card in Metal Gear Solid.

7. Your mind was blown when you could get all your friends around to play at the same time.


8. Your soul died a little bit when Nemesis caught you in Resident Evil.


9. Those freaking boulders in Crash Bandicoot!

10. When a carrot was the center of your universe in Jumping Flash.


11. Parappa the Rapper was the best dancing game around.


12. This level in Tomb Raider blew your freaking mind.

13. Collecting all of your gems with Sparx the Dragonfly in Spyro the Dragon.


14. Being terrified as you fumbled around in the dark playing Silent Hill.


15. Gex: Enter the Gecko was the only time a gecko has ever been cool.

16. This screen would pop up after completing a level in Mega Man X4.


17. The memory card was almost as exciting as the game.


18. The amazing 3D in Battle Arena Toshinden.

19. The captions in Final Fantasy IX were way too intense.


20. Marveling at the blood splatter in Bushido Blade.


21. You were pretty sure that Twisted Metal 2 was the greatest game ever made.

22. This strange line from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.


23. Trying not to bail in Cool Boarders 2.


24. Realizing that Tomorrow Never Dies wasn’t nearly as good as Goldeneye.

25. The Wipeout soundtrack kicked all kinds of ass.


26. Seeing this logo was cause for celebration when you turned your PlayStation on.