26 Halloween Costumes That Have No Reason To Be Sexy

While kids enjoy Halloween for the sake of ingesting absolutely absurd amounts of  candy, for adults, it’s all about the eye-candy – dressing up in the most inventive outfits possible. Men have it easy, but for whatever reason (i.e. men), women delve into the furthest reaches of the imagination to give any outfit a “sexy” angle. Check out these weird costumes that are somehow incredibly appealing on the eye. It might be the models…


 1. Sexy Jimmy Cricket.


2. Sexy Remote Control.


3. Sexy Nemo.

4. Sexy Crayon.


5. Sexy Donald Trump.


6. Sexy Movie Director.

7. Sexy Spongebob.


8. Sexy Mime.


9. Sexy Troll.

10. Sexy Pizza Slice.


11. Sexy Elephant.


12. Sexy Bert.

13. Sexy Ernie.


14. Sexy Mental Patient.


15. Sexy Mickey Mouse.

16. Sexy Oompa Loompa.


17. Sexy, um, Baby?


18. Sexy Yin and Yang.

19. Sexy Big Bird.


20. Sexy Cabbage Patch Doll.


21. Sexy Candy Cane.

22. Sexy Gumby.


23. Sexy Hef.


24. Sexy Money.

25. Sexy Minion.


26. Sexy Rosie the Riveter.