26 Frightened Foods That Will Make You Feel Like A Monster

1. Would somebody please think of the children.


2. It’s your fault that you’re so delicious.


3. Say “cheese”.

4. “You’re a monster.”


5. Your soul is mine.


6. Spaghetti-Ohno’s.

7. To him, you are the cookie monster.


8. Ghost of girlfriends past.


9. Ba no no!

10. That is one depressed coconut.


11. When you’re so bad at cooking that even your food hates the way it tastes.


12. “I’m outta here.”

13. “Eat me and see what happens!”


14. Bread is obviously not a huge fan of being sliced.


15. Misery loves company.

16. “I’ve seen some things.”


17. “Face it, you’re going in my belly.”


18. He knows that he’s not normal.

19. Don’t fear the reaper.


20. He wasn’t born like the other potatoes.


21. You’re going to lose whatever you put down there.

22. “I will haunt you long after I’m gone.”


23. “Please sir, have a heart.”


24. It just saw milk, its natural enemy.

25. He just heard that they actually wanted scrambled.


26. You’d be grumpy too if you were just boiled.