26 Adorable Oldies That Will Make You Re-evaluate Your Relationship Goals

What are you looking for in a man? Someone with a killer Tinder profile pic, who picks an expensive dinner spot and sends you flowers after the first date? Those things are nice and all, but you should be taking some lessons from these oldies. After almost a lifetime together, they’re still seriously in love. It’s about having fun, making each other laugh, and a whole lot of hand-holding.


1. These two who still ride together.


2. This couple who can roll with the punches.


3. This couple who still remember how to have fun at the grocery store.

4. Jan and her man.


5. This flamingo-loving twosome.


6. These dirty old birds.

7. These matching lovers.


8. This couple knows that sharing is the key to a happy life.


9. This couple who still love posing for crazy photos.

10. These lucky ladies who finally got to make it official.


11. These two who still exercise together.


12. This anniversary surprise.

13. This couple who knows the best way to stay warm is to stay together.


14. These two, who are famous for the best reason ever.


15. These oldies who just love being together.


16. These two who are happy to offer each other a helping hand.


17. This couple who share a love of nature.


18. This couple who still make an effort to look good for one another.

19. These golden oldies.


20. This couple who finally got to marry.


21. These lovers who can still make each other laugh.

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22. The definition of romance.


23. These two who get their drink on.


24. This couple who still tear up the d-floor.

25. These lovers, who still seek out romantic spots.


26. This couple who got married after being together for 50 years.