25 Times When Fast Food Customers Got ‘More’ Than They Bargained For

1. When this customer received this ‘limited edition’ McIceCream.

2. When this person’s slice of cheese was so close yet so far.


3. When this person had an extra ‘layer’ added to his taco.

4. When sesame seeds were very hard to find for this customer’s burger bun.


5. When this guy asked for extra sauce and he got this…


6. When this customer’s pancake had too much information.

7. When this person got beef/chicken.


8. When her order was taken very literally…

9. When his burger ended up looking like the ones in “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2’…

10. When this person got this sad excuse for a sub.


11. When this person’s taco was disfigured.

12. When he asked for extra pickle and ended up with this.

13. When this person got this ‘ice-cream-ception’…

14. When chicken nuggets replace the patty.


15. When this customer was reassured that her nibbles are 100% Chicken.

16. When someone takes a bite of your order before it reaches.


17. When this person got a ‘wrap’ of lies.


18. When her taco was very naked…

19. When this Onion Ring-Fries combo did not live up to a customer’s expectations.

20. When someone ordered a McRib and got a McNothing instead.


21. When ‘leftovers’ become ‘selects’.

22. When her burger bun was missing its other half.


23. When this guy got extra onion in his chili.


24. When this person got this free latex glove with her order.


25. When this customer’s popcorn chicken was too fresh.