25 Soldiers Who Made An Adorable Animal Friend Overseas

1. Marine Sergeant Frank Praytor feeds a kitten whose mother was killed in the war


2. A soldier rescued this little guy from danger


3. This soldier found a new best friend when he was deployed

4. This guy rescued a dog on the streets of Afghanistan


5. This stray kitten liked to have naps with the army


6. This dog came to grieve for his fallen comrade

7. These marines fed this stray puppy


8. This guy made a new friend during his placement


9. And this soldier made three!

10. This marine carries his partner back to the kennels after a gruelling 2 hour search


11. This kitten needed love, and this soldier had some to give


12. This French soldier took a little kitten under his wing during the Vietnam War

13. This soldier found a new best friend overseas


14. These Russian soldiers in WWII helped keep this puppy warm

15. This soldier is carrying the kitten he rescued


16. In Iraq, this soldier had a pet donkey


17. This adopted puppy found anywhere he could to stay out of the heat

Soldiers Pets EMGN18


18. This soldier found these cute kittens in Afghanistan


19. This tired soldier and tired puppy go well together!


20. This little guy kept this soldier and his buddies company on a mountain top near Kabul

Soldiers Pets EMGN21