25 Pictures Only True Nerds Will Understand…And Love.

1. You’re still loved, Pluto.


2. Gaussian Distribution | Ghostian Distribution


3. Poor oil 🙁

4. Classic textbook gem


5. He really should be wearing shoes in the lab…


6. Math has never looked so fun

7. Excellent use of a label maker


8. Speed dating for numbers; there are infinite possibilities!


9. There’s really nothing like a good yo mama joke.

10. Another excellent pun.


11. But what’s his favorite color?


12. Accuracy.

13. Not really a glowing review.



14. We’ve got to get neutron in here to settle this.


15. Noble and shy.

16. Like turning water into wine.


17. Perhaps she should keep one of them.


18. Where do astronauts hang out?

19. “Megahobbyte” doesn’t quite compute.


20. Don’t you wish your exams looked like this?


21. Literally.

22. Would you like 2(C12H22O11)³ in your coffee?

23. So inconsiderate…

24. Don’t you love a good chemistry pun? Or 10?


25. Coding comedy is the best kind of comedy.