25 Pairs Of Slightly Inappropriate Geeky Punderwear

Say what you want about nerds and geeks, but judging from this underwear they have better foreplay than you, and they definitely have a better sex life.

Man, these geeks are dirty.


1. We don’t really see how these work on a girl, but hey, they know what they’re doing.


2. “You’re gonna Gallade tonight.” Yes, you definitely will.


3. In and around the Meowth.

4. If you’re lucky.


5. Panty dropper.


6. Probably in response to #5.

7. Uhm, for one because a Chocobo is not only a friendly companion but also a ferocious warrior – but we’ll go with it because we get the point.


8. Any male nerd’s wand would be at the ready when seeing these.


9. Well, if you put it that way…

10. Let me Peek-At-Chu. Haha, we get it. We get jokes.


11. This is why geeks have better sex lives. The Harry Potter puns are endless.


12. Surely the Pokédex doesn’t have “sexual purposes” under Shaymin’s information.

13. There are a lot more inappropriate Lord of the Rings puns to make.


14. This is pretty confrontational.


15. OK, so direct is the way we’re going.

16. So do you wear these after or…?


17. Alright, don’t get cocky.


18. Slightly worrisome that these are for girls.

19. Let’s hope not, but kudos on the Wreck It Ralph reference.


20. How Admiral Ackbar gets laid.


21. This one also may have worked better for boys, but who are we to judge?

22. Surely, many geeks of the male variety would.


23. Nothing like a good Chewbacca pun to gets the juices flowing.


24. Well, if they’ve gotten to this point, surely they’ve figured out you’re not wearing Abra.

25. This may have been better on the back of these.