25 Of The Most Hilarious YouTube Comments

When uploading a video to YouTube, better be prepared for the global community to mercilessly poke fun at you.


1. Nailed it.


2. Worse than watching a horror movie.


3. Good on you.

4. Pure frustration.


5. Too much information, buddy.


6. If that’s what you want, then stop watching YouTube videos alone at home.

7. Graphic.


8. Classic Molly Weasley.


9. Burn.

10. Good question.


11. Unfortunately, they didn’t.


12. Silly you.

13. Draco Malfoy trolling the internet.


14. Affiliated marketing strategies.


15. How to write good essays.

16. The good old calculator camera.


17. Proof that people still use their brains.


18. They’re one big family.

19. Um… success?


20. Never trust dubious eyebrows.


21. The question that no one dared to ask.

22. That poor hamster.


23. Procrastination at its best.

emgn youtube comments pic 26