25 Heartbreaking TV Deaths That Changed Our TV Lives

Sometimes you can be sitting there, drinking chocolate milk, binge watching your favorite TV show and then all of a sudden…BANG…your favorite character is dead.  Grab the box of tissues as we countdown the 25 saddest TV character deaths in history. MAJOR SPOILER WARNING. We are going to ruin your life if you see a character on this list that you love and didn’t realize they were dead as John Snow.  Just joking…John Snow isn’t dead…yes he is…mwahaha.


25. Maude Flanders – The Simpsons.

When the voice actor of Maude Flanders demanded more money the creators of The Simpsons had two options, pay her more, or kill Maude. They decided to kill her in typical Simpson’s fashion…by shooting a t-shirt cannon into a crowd and knocking her off the grand stand.  It was sad to say goodbye to this Evergreen Terrace resident and Ned would grieve for her forever.


24. Violet Harmon- American Horror Story.

American Horror Story is typically known for its blood curdling episodes but every once in a while there will be a moment that gets you right in the feels. Early in season one, Violet tries to commit suicide but is saved by her next door neighbor Tate. As her story line continues we see her and Tate fall in love. Little did the audience or Violet know…that she actually died and she was a ghost the entire time. The moment she discovers that she is dead is heartbreaking….even more so than when Bruce Willis did in The Sixth Sense.

23. Robert McCallister Brothers and Sisters.

After four seasons with a lot of laughs and drama, a death of a main character was hot on the cards for Brothers and Sisters. Unfortunately the writers chose Robert McCallister, played by Rob Lowe. After being in a horrific car crash his wife, Kitty, held on to hope for a year even after the doctors declared him brain dead. Finally, with the rest of the world, Kitty held her breath and turned off Robert’s life support.


22. Jen Lindley – Dawson’s Creek.

With Jen Lindley’s death in the final episode of Dawson’s Creek it completely destroyed the possibly of getting the old gang back together for a reunion. Thanks Jen, you were always a spoiled bitch. That’s all we have to say about that.


21. Marissa Cooper – The O.C.

The O.C. featured hot boys and hot girls that seemed to have everything. Yet fans were left confused and heartbroken when the main character, Marissa died after just three seasons. The reason behind Mischa Barton’s sudden departure is still unclear to this day, but her character’s death was done in spectacular car crash fashion. Hallelujah to that.

20. Jin and Sun – Lost.

Lost‘s Jin and Sun only ever wanted to be together….and so it was fitting that they held hands as they both drowned together in a sinking submarine. That’s show business for you, destroying viewers’ hearts one sinking sub at a time.


19. Lane Pryce – Mad Men.

Mad Men wasn’t known for its high drama. Most of the show revolved around handsome alcoholic men getting laid as much as possible. In saying that, there was a particular moment when we put down our adult coloring books and paid attention to the screen. After Lane is confronted by Don for embezzling company money, we see Lane searching for ways to kill himself. After a botched attempt in his car, Lane makes it to his office, writes his resignation, and hangs himself.


18. Mathew Crawley – Downton Abbey.

It was well known that actor Dan Stevens wanted to be written out of Downton Abbey to pursue a career in Hollywood. With that prior knowledge, you would have thought fans would be prepared for his death…they were not. As Mathew Crawly drove away from seeing his newborn baby and wife Mary, his car was struck by a lobby truck and he was crushed underneath his car. The blood oozing from the side of his head was an unnecessary dagger in our Downton hearts.

17. Will Garner – The Good Wife.

It was the best kept secret in Hollywood. Actor Josh Charles had told the writers of The Good Wife that he wanted to leave the show and over the course of a year, the audience fell even more in love with Will, all to have him shot down in court. The writers pretty much reached into our chests, pulled out our heart, ate it and then fed the remainders to the dog.


16. Finn Hudson – Glee.

This sad television moment was prompted by the tragic death of actor Cory Monteith. Cory portrayed the lovable Finn Hudson on Glee for four seasons. Cory’s real-life girlfriend and co-star, Lea Michelle, appeared in the final ten minutes of the tribute episode and bravely sung a song for the Glee club. There was no acting in this episode, there were only friends mourning in front of a camera.


15. Mark Green – ER.

It was a terribly heartbreaking end to one of the most popular characters on television. ER‘s Mark Green had graced our screens for years as the lovable ER doctor. After surviving a brain tumor once before, he would not be so lucky the second time round. His dying wish was to return to Hawaii with his family. It introduced the world to Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s version of  “Somewhere over the rainbow” and whenever we hear a ukulele we think of Dr Green. What a legacy.

14. Lucy Knight – ER.

Oh god the absolute horror of Lucy Knight’s death on ER will haunt us for eternity. Lucy and Carter were falling love and were destined to make beautiful babies. However, this was not to happen as both Lucy and Carter would get horrifically stabbed by a crazy patient. Only Carter would survive.


13. Catelyn Stark, Rob Stark, Rob’s Baby Mamma and Rob’s unborn baby – Game Of Thrones.

The Red Wedding. May we never forget. This mother-son-wife-baby murder messed the whole world. If you say “the red wedding” in public without any reference, you are guaranteed to make someone shout out “The Lannisters send their regards”.  Awful, just awful.

12. Delphine Cormier – Orphan Black.


Come on now Clone Club, although we didn’t see Delphine’s  last breath you know in your deep dark Orphan Black hearts she is a goner. Although the brilliant Tatiana Maslany plays almost every character on the show, she is supported by several stellar cast mates. Evelyne Brochu’s character Delpine was a fan favorite and the image of her dying to close off season three was almost more than we could bear.


11. George O’Malley – Grey’s Anatomy.

The first of many Grey’s Anatomy deaths that was soul destroying. Once again we thought we were prepared for this death after that awful real life drama between Isaiah Washington, Patrick Demsey and T.R.Knight. Instead we were surprised, as per usual, when George died in the hospital of death. This was the first time the audience would curse out Shonda Rhimes, but it wouldn’t be the last.


10. Lexie Grey – Grey’s Anatomy.

Well this was a little unfair. All Lexie wanted to do was to be in her sister’s life and sleep with McSteamy on a regular basis. That wasn’t too much to ask, was it? Instead Shonda Rhimes waved her death wand over the cast and the dust settled on poor, poor, sometimes annoying, Lexie.  As you could imagine, Mark was devastated…

9. Mark – Grey’s Anatomy.

….so Shonda killed him the very next episode. Umm OK Shonda…Jesus.


8. Denny – Grey’s Anatomy.

Katherine Heigl acted her ass off when her character’s fiance, Denny, died.  On the plus side, we heard the amazing song “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol for the first time and it turned into the next “My heart will go on”.


7. Derek Sheppard – Grey’s Anatomy (You need to chill on the deaths now Shonda Rhimes).

Not Derek….NOT DEREK. Well, apparently Derek. Shonda commented on Patrick Demsey’s exit from the show after 11 seasons, “Derek was going to have to die in order for that  love to remain honest”. The only logical thing left to do was to keep their love alive through his death. Not sure how that makes sense but it does. Shonda we hate/love you right now.

6. Adriana – The Sopranos.

It never pays to snitch, especially on The Sopranos. Adriana got herself into a little situation where she needed to rat out her boyfriend. For her betrayal the punishment was death. It was not necessarily how she died that was the problem but it was her realization that she was about to die which was awful.


5. Andrea – The Walking Dead.

Andrea became the rising female lead in AMC’s  The Walking Dead, only to have it come crashing down when she was locked in a room with a zombie. She got bit, bit real good. It was a gory and glorious end for such a loved character.


4. Lady Sybill Crawly – Downtown Abbey.

With the excruciatingly painful death of Lady Sybil Crawly in Downtown Abbey the world blew up…and when we say world…we mean Twitter. Twitter was overwhelmed with millions of devastated fans expressing their heartache at the sudden loss of their favorite Crawley sister from eclampsia. It was one of the most talked about television spoilers on Twitter that year.

3. The whole f****** cast of Six Feet Under.

Death is not an unusual topic of conversation in a show about a family funeral home. Nevertheless, in the very last episode of Six Feet Under…spoiler alert…you see every single main character die. It has been slated as the best ending to a television show in history. What was remarkable about this sad end was Sia’s song “Breathe Me”, that would put a relatively unknown musician on the path to superstardom.


2. Jane Margolis – Breaking Bad.

Possibly the saddest thing since that U2 song played in the background of the Ross and Rachel breakup episode on Friends. Jane (Krysten Ritter) was Jesse’s girlfriend on the third season of the wildly popular Breaking Bad. As they both fell back into their addiction to heroine, Jane suffered an overdoes and died. Walter White played a helping hand in her tragic death and we never looked at Walt the same again.


1. Mika and Lizzie – The Walking Dead.

We cannot even deal…