25 Celebrities Who Got Real Old And We Didn’t Notice

There is an aging issue in Hollywood. Either famous people try to slow down the process by tightening their face or they embrace their old age and let their naturalness jiggle for the world to see. These are the good, the bad and weird “then and now” photos of the most famous people in Tinsel Town who got old without us realizing.


1. Pamela Anderson.

Some people stand in the darkness, afraid to step into the light. Pam is clearly not one of those people.


2. Madonna.

….she wears gloves a lot these days…wonder why?


3. Clint Eastwood.

This is just what happens when you’re 150-years-old.

4. Bono.

Yeah, we could live with or without this comparison…


5. Oprah Winfrey.

You get skinny and you get skinny and you get skinny….everrrybooody gets to be skinny.


6. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

This was inevitable….and he kind of deserves it for that nanny thing.

7. Goldie Hawn.

Well at least Kate Hudson knows what her future self will look like.


8. Pierce Brosnan.

Bring back the mo..bring back the mo.. *slow clap*


9. Barbara Walters.

The view of this 86-year-old TV veteran is not bad…not bad at all.

10. Morgan Freeman.

We wonder if his voice always sounded like how it sounds now.


11. Sean Penn.

He finally grew into his nose. Almost.


12. Axl Rose.


13. Dolly Parton.

She works from 9-to-5 on her looks so she’s doing OK for a 69-year-old.


14. Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise aged well…it’s just a shame he doesn’t act his age…jumping on couches and what not.


15. Jack Nicholson.

Even though Jack has gained a good 80 pounds, he’s still a little bit sexy right?

16. Lindsay Lohan.

She was the original Kylie Jenner. Now Lindsay is no longer known for her pout…only her ankle bracelet. Sad.


17. Liza Minnelli.

Liza with a “z” doesn’t look too bad. Not too bad at all.


18. George Clooney.

Gorgeous…at any age.

19. Johnny Depp.

His face is still youthful, it just has some Depp-th now.


20. Leonardo DiCaprio.

He transitioned from cute kid to hunky leading lad nicely.


21. Jim Carrey.

Maybe not so much with the goatee, long hair or the smile? He might be going through a caveman faze.

22. Gena Davis.

Looking less Long Kiss Goodnight and more “oh God not carpool again!”.


23. Jon Bon Jovi.

Bon Jovi has grown out of his dreamy bad boy image and settled nicely into his new role as French Fabio.


24. Barbara Streisand.

No matter what you do, your Jewishness will eventually catch up with you.

25. Billy Idol.

Looking more like a scrunched up leather jacket than an idol these days.