24 Troublemakers That Will Make You Rethink Having Kids

The ‘terrible twos’ are so named because it is the time when kids start being pretty damn confident about the mastery of their motor functions. Once they can run around the house and reach things they start a solo mission to consume every type of liquid or solid possible. Plus, kids don’t play fight, they go straight for the genitals and make you pay. Here are 24 kids that will make you rethink having your own children.


1. Practicing for dive school.


2. Prepping for surgery.


3. Turning Grandpa into an artwork.

4. You told them it was OK to color outside the lines.


5. The first of many pissing contests.


6. You can sleep when your dead!

7. If you don’t want to be in the cage, then don’t act like an animal.


8. You have the key to my heart.


9. Freshmen are looking younger and younger these days.

10. It’s a classic and she knows it.


11. Cannonball!


12. Thug life.

13. Hang in there.


14. “Knock, Knock”, “Who’s there?”


15. Can you say “perfect timing”?

16. This cat is currently having an out of body experience.


17. This is something no one wants to see.


18. Disaster.

19. Every child is born an artist…


20. This is not what sinks are for.


21. That ombre look.

22. Mmmm… pasty.


23. He’s been baking.


24. That is what grossed out looks like.