24 Times The Public Took Parking Enforcement Into Their Own Hands With Hilarious Consequences

Today’s carparks are a lawless place, and your neighbours are banding together to make a parking enforcement team that you definitely don’t want to mess with. Check out these 24 times that the public saw some idiot parkers, and promptly showed them what’s up.

1. Want to take up two spots? Fair enough, but we’re gonna block you in!


2. You park badly, you make us park badly.


3. Here you go buddy, we’ve made you a special spot.


4. Empty carpark, and you’re going to park like an idiot? Well we’re going to embarrass you.


5. Haha! You can’t get out, but we can!


6. Want to try to park in a contractors spot? Ok, but you’re going to be there for awhile…


7. Parking like an idiot? We’ve got awards for people like you!


8. That’ll teach ’em!


9. Parking in a reserved spot? We’ll make sure you never get out.


10. You’re going to be embarrassed when you come back to this…



11. Taking up two spaces? Bad idea.


12. You’re almost as bad as #7. Perhaps you deserve an award too.

13. We’ll give you the compliments you deserve.


14. Blocking a fire hydrant? We really don’t have a choice…


15. It looks like you need some help.


16. Want to ignore the no parking signs? We’ll give you some no parking signs you can’t ignore.


17. Park like a princess? We’re going to let the world know.


18. Parking sideways? Now you can park sideways FOREVER!


19. Jasper’s coming for you.


20. Parking like a moron? There’s some angry notes coming your way.


21. And some more angry notes.

Bad Parking EMGN21

22. And even more angry notes.


23. You definitely deserved this one.



24. And, best if all, if you park like an idiot, we’re going to embarrass you on the internet.