24 Ridiculous Humans Who Took Laziness To A Whole New Level

1. It’s about the music, man.


2. It’s called the easy road.


3. Because walking is hard.

4. Work smarter, not harder.


5. More information than your usual tourist info lady.


6. So lazy even your friends are embarrassed.

7. Go buy a new razor? No way.


8. When your driveway is looooooong…


9. Whoever was in charge of naming this park.

10. Because putting on socks with your hands is too much effort.


11. Student life.


12. The modern age.

13. Extreme laziness genius.


14. Move the log? Too hard.


15. Food comes first.

16. Ultimate laziness.


17. Burger King patrons at their finest.


18. Because attendance is 20% of his grade.

19. “If I were any lazier, I’d be dead.”


20. Society.


21. Lazy man’s Christmas lights.

22. Because the bin is too far, but no one wants to be untidy.


23. He’s had a long, hard day.