24 Pictures For Your Dirty Mind

Sometimes, we just can’t help it. Our minds go to a place where everything is dirty and filthy and has an innuendo. The following 24 pictures are not actually X-Rated, but your mind will probably make them be.


1. Who wants some frosty balls?


2. Just this carpet in particular or all carpets?


3. Minions need pleasure too.

4. Rover, sit! Rover, play dead! Rover, look like a penis! Good boy.


5. What? They’re Korean peppers, jeez, relax.


6. Someone definitely got fired that day…

7. …Let’s make that two people. Two people definitely got fired.


8. Hey, it’s the rules.


9. The frog family is a little bit too friendly.

10. Haha! You just got aroused by a lamp.


11. This apple is asking for it.


12. We didn’t know this was allowed to be advertised.

13. It’s not the potato’s fault…


14. Pepsi is more different than Coke than we realized.


15. Oh, look at the pretty flowers. You didn’t see pretty flowers, did you?

16. Just a hot dog in a bun, no biggie.


17. It’s a mystery how these guys are extinct.


18. Just your average bubble bath butt.

19. Congratulations, you ruined Thanksgiving.


20. Don’t let your kids play anywhere near this tree.


21. We literally have no idea what this sign is supposed to mean.

22. Bless her, she probably has no idea.


23. Plant guy, you had one job.


24. Wow. Elmo, what are you doing? ELMO! STOP!