24 People Who Shouldn’t Even Be Allowed To Fly, Let Alone Get Away With This…

1. This guy who made himself at home.


2. This person who clearly wasn’t happy with current affairs.


3. This intrusive person who is literally crossing the line.

4. This contortionist whose comfort is making us all uncomfortable.


5. Whoever left behind this thoughtful gift.


6. This person who just had to share their terrible artwork.

7. This kid (presumably, hopefully) who got a little sticker friendly.


8. Rapunzel, who is blocking the pathway.


9. This exhibitionist.

10. And this free spirit who just wants to show off the new ink.


11. These peeping feet.


12. Whoever left this delightful gift for the next passenger.

13. And of course, these guys who didn’t want to flush it.


14. This guy whose just super, super eager.


15. This passenger whose plane is her own beauty salon.


16. This guy whose flight was apparently long enough to grow an untidy beard.


17. Or how about this in-flight pedicurist?


18. This one found the bag too flimsy.

19. Bags are perfectly satisfactory for this person…


20. The parents with this grand idea.


21. They’d probably get along great with the parents who let their baby loose on the aisle.

22. This guy who couldn’t hold off the party any longer.


23. And this guy who couldn’t hold off the work out any longer.


24. Finally, this guy, who was making the most of what little Wi-Fi he had.