24 People Who Have Achieved Peak Parenting

1. Trolling with cosmetics is a classy move.


2. Nothing will motivate her more!


3. This gets the point across pretty well.

4. A new form of contraceptive.


5. This melts all of the hearts!


6. Modern Ebonics applied to an old classic.

7. This is just mean… but funny!


8. This mom knows how it is!


9. “Oh my god, like, whateva!”

10. Oh… Sucks to be Derek…


11. It’s still cash money and a sweet pun to boot! Cheer up.


12. An actual certificate – Gold!

13. This is parenting gold!


14. Yeah, good luck with sorting that mess out…


15. When parent’s try to be funny… and pull it off!

16. Cool dad. He laughs at his own jokes too.


17. The dadest looking dad.


18. He must have been waiting a long time to whip that one out #worthit.

19. Nice work, troll dad.


20. They will go back to bed after the evacuation has been cleaned up…


21. So mean!

22. Who let the dogs out!


23. Is that Idris Elba?


24. Lightly fried fish fillets.