24 Legendary Professors That Made Learning Hilarious

These are the kind of teachers you always wished you had when you were at school. Here are 24 professors that turned learning into comedic gold.


1. Where is it again?


2. Berating your class makes them eager to learn.


3. Good luck understanding Minion.

4. Skeletor says “stay in school and don’t do drugs”.


5. You were born a winner.


6. Master of disguise.

7. School is useful after all.


8. “Comma at me bro!”


9. This kitten hates cheating.

10. This solutions manual that linked to a rickroll.


11. The Heisenberg effect.


12. Just grin and beer it.

13. So the choices are b or c then?


14. You made the grade.


15. This professor has plans for students that piss him off.

16. The three seasons.


17. The most motivating critique ever.


18. Professor plum, in the library, with the massive stick.

19. Someone can’t let go of the 70s.


20. Say what?


21. You’ve just been schooled in Twitter.

22.  Your mum jokes never get old.


23. Are you starting to get that sinking feeling?.


24. School of rock.