24 Incredible Backstage Pics From The Back To The Future Films

The world has been waiting to catch up to the 2015 promised in Back to the Future. Although we don’t have hoverboards or flying cars just yet the franchise is arguably the most beloved of all time. Here are 29 photos straight from the Back to the Future set.


1. Claudia Wells and Michael J. Fox stare into each others’ eyes before they begin a scene.


2. This photo from the sequel shows crew members standing by to work Marty’s self-adjusting jacket.


3. The set design of an empty ‘cafe 80s’ in the second film.

4. Robert Zemeckis sits infront of a future taxi cab in the distant year of 2015.


5. Future Biff prepares for a scene.


6. A phone booth from AT&T in Back to the Future II.

back to the future emgn 26

7. Michael J. Fox looking 80s suave in Hill Valley.


8. The Mr Perfect gym from Back to the Future II.


9. The adorable Einstein sits in his actor’s chair posing for a photo.

10. Doc Brown and Marty pose in front of the Hill Valley clock in Back to the Future III.



11. Michael J. Fox is flanked by the Hollywood power pairing of Robert Zemeckis and Steven Spielberg.


12. This Cusco fax from Back to the Future II sold for $2,000 at auction in 2011.

13. Claudia Wells-who plays Jennifer in the first film-poses for a photo.


14. Christopher Lloyd takes a seat while crew members walk around Doc Brown’s bachelor pad.


15. The DeLorean is at a blacksmith in the third film of the franchise.

16. The wreckage of the DeLorean after it picked a fight with a freight train.


17. A booth is set up for the ‘save the clock tower’ campaign.


18. How filmmakers imagined police cars would look in 2015.

19. A box of plutonium hidden under Doc Brown’s bed.


20. The inside of the DeLorean.


21. A shot from an alternate 1985 where Biff has ruined everything.

22. Michael J. Fox getting a much needed rest.


23. Doc Brown’s future train from Back to the Future III.


24. Every kid’s fantasy from the 80s until today was to own one of these badass hoverboards.