24 Genius Hacks That Will Take All The Stress Out Of Moving Day!

1. Stack your precious plates in between paper ones to protect them.


2. Fill your kitchen pots with smaller things to be transported. You’re going to be moving them anyway, might as well make them useful!


3. Use old wine boxes to transport your stemware.

4. Make a checklist! Checklists make everything less stressful.


5. There’s an app for moving.


6. Stuff your makeup with cotton wool to stop it cracking on the move.

7. Take the opportunity to get your rugs and curtains cleaned. It’s nice to start off with clean things at your new house, and they’ll get returned to you in tidy plastic so they’re easy to move!


8. Take photos of your electronics before you unplug everything, so you know where the cables go.


9. Make moving your closet easy by packing rubbish bags around all your stuff!


10. Vacuum seal your clothes! It makes them pack down better, so you’ll have to take less trips.


11. Pack blankets/rugs/pillows into your drawers and chests when you move. Might as well use that space for something!


12. Saran wrap your bottles so they don’t leak!

13. Lock all your pump bottles before you move by pushing the pump down and twisting it.


14. Cut handles of out the boxes that don’t come with them for easy carrying!


15. Fill your washing basket with odd things that don’t pack easily into boxes.

16. If you’re doing the move all by yourself consider hiring a Dolly to make the process easier on your back.


17. Label your boxes to avoid confusion.


18. Even better, color-code your boxes by room!

19. You’ll be carrying boxes in and out of doors all day, so make it easier by using a rubber band to keep the latch in and stop you having to turn the doorknob.


20. Clean your new house before you move your stuff in – it’s the last thing you’ll feel like doing after moving.

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21. Pack an overnight bag. You probably won’t have everything unpacked in one day, and it’s good to know where your toothbrush and pyjamas are.


22. Get a sitter. Moving is hard work, and it’s easier if your young kids/pets are out of the way for the day.