24 Funny Teachers We Wish We Could’ve Had In School!

1. Hopefully there’s popcorn!


2. Crimefighting 101


3. Initiative.

4. As you do.


5. “He drew this freehand in about 5 minutes.”


6. This staffroom romance.

7. Plus, he’s a teacher, so he’s even more scary.


8. Proof that maths can be cool


9. Old school’s cool.

10. Powerpoint RickRoll!


11. These models teachers.


12. Pie face!

13. A perfect way to start the day.


14. This teacher who wants to be nice, but still wants the kids to work.


15. Easy Physics.

16. Casual Fridays.


17. Walter got his job back!


18. This is how you keep kids in school.

19. Playing with Beakers.


20. Dedication!


21. It had to be done.

22. “Say my name, say my name.”


23. Well this is simply incredible.

emgn teacher 3

24. He’ll never nap again.


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