24 Couples That Single People Want To Punch In The Face

There is only one thing worse than being single and that is having to put up with couples who are totally hilarious and in love. These 24 couples are too cute and that it makes the rest of us want to throw cats at them.


1. I will love you in concussion and health.


2. Star Wars chat…urgh too cute.

3. Cone of shame.


4. It burns.


5. He got the moobs like Jabba.

6. This is the reason for getting into a relationship.


7. Try not to play this in the car.


8. Nothing says I love you like Nick Cage.

9. Pure evil.


10. Partners who have the same shoe size should never break up.


11. She sounds like a keeper.

12. Do coffee machine predictions work the same as an 8 ball?


13. Happy screams.


14. #MarriageGoals.

15. Ceremonial cutting of the pizza.


16. Captain Jean-luc approves of this engagement.


17. When your getting low on fridge magnet words.

18. Maybe relationships aren’t all that great…


19. Did it have to be written in red though?


20. This is too much.

21. Best response ever.


22. Marry this person immediately.

23. Finding another person who is as cheap as you is hard.