23 Youngsters That Can’t Even Deal With Getting A Younger Sibling

Welcoming a new sibling can be a tough thing for kids to go through. Here are some that didn’t take the news particularly well.


1. Setting her stall out early


2. This guy won’t have as much room for activites


3. This eldest sister has begrudgingly accepted the news

4. These girls are learning some harsh life lessons early



5. Joyce is having a crises in faith

6. She just can’t even deal right now


7. Older siblings reveling in the suffering of their soon to be middle sisters

8. All good things come to an end, these guys are not happy about it


9. He just isn’t ready for this promotion

10. “I didn’t want a new brother or sister, and I wanted this shirt in blue. WORST DAY EVER!”

EMGN - Welcoming siblings12



11. This girl covers the range of emotions quite well


12. As if one wasn’t bad enough


13. ANOTHER sister!?


14. She thought she was going to the park to play

15. He’s not a fan of a new baby, or puns for that matter


16. She’s actually OK with a new sibling, she just remembered her name was Lakyn


17. Pets can find the news traumatic as well

EMGN - Welcoming siblings21


18. “This is just exhausting”


19. At least one of them is happy!