23 Years After That Big Dog Stole Our Hearts, The Cast Of Beethoven Is Still Going Strong

1. Charles Grodin as George Newton

Charles went on and starred in Beethoven’s 2nd, but took a major break from acting in the early 90s. He started acting again in 2006 and is still going now.


2. Bonnie Hunt as Alice Newton

Bonnie’s had a massive career as an actress and comedian, starring in Jumanji, The Green Mile, Monsters, Inc. and Cars. She’s even had her own show, The Bonnie Hunt Show.


3. Nicholle Tom as Ryce Newton

Nicholle’s still best known for her child acting credits, having also starred as Maggie in The Nanny. She continues to work as an actress today.

4. Christopher Castile as Ted Newton

After doing Beethoven, Christopher voiced Eugene in Hey Arnold! and played Mark on Step by Step. After Step by Step he retired from acting, and is now a political science professor at Biola University.


5. Sarah Rose Karr as Emily Newton

After Beethoven, Sarah went on to act in Homewrecker and Four Diamonds before retiring from acting at age 9.


6. Dean Jones as Dr. Varnick

Dean Jones is semi-retired now, and the movie Beethoven came near the end of his career. Before that, he was acting on Broadway alongside Jane Fonda, and on TV alongside Elvis.

7. Stanley Tucci as Vernon

Stanley Tucci has done a lot in his career as an actor, director, producer and writer. He was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Academy Award for The Lovely Bones and has been nominated for a Grammy. In January 2015 his wife gave birth to his first son, Matteo.


8. Oliver Platt as Harvey

Platt’s had a long career both on screen and on stage. He’s been nominated for a Golden Globe, and multiple Emmys and Screen Actors Guild Awards. He’s still acting now, currently filming a movie called Shut In.


9. Chris the dog as Beethoven

After making waves as Beethoven Chris reprised his role for Beethoven 2. Unfortunately, Chris died shortly after filming the sequel.