23 Sexy Guys Who Aren’t Afraid To Shed Beautiful Man-Tears

1. I know Brad, let it out.


2. So many emotions


3. It’s OK for men to cry. Embrace it.

4. Let’s be honest Pharrell, you’re just not happy.


5. Running the USA is hard.


6. Just let it out.

7. Stop trying to hold it all in, Ryan.


8. Just let those beautiful tears fall.


9. We like to know you can really feel.

10. You don’t always have to be strong.


11. Sometimes it’s all just too much.


12. Crying helps.

13. It’s therapeutic.


14. Zayn needs to know the pain he’s caused.


15. It’s OK to be scared.

16. Showing emotions is good!


17. Let those beautiful rivers run down your face


18. Show the world your pain!

19. We all hurt, Ed.


20. You’ll feel better after a good weep.


21. Either way, you still look manly.


22. Mostly.