23 Reasons Why Children Will Ruin Your Life, But In A Good Way

1. Children love to create a festive atmosphere wherever they go!


2. They’re just so full of life.

Children Ruin Lives EMGN2



3. They’re always happy to share their food with you.

4. They try to help with the cleaning whenever possible.


5. And they always try to help you with the cooking.


6. They like to make sure everything stays hydrated.

7. They go with the flow.


8. All children are born artists.


9. They try to be helpful when you’re shopping.

10. Kids do things for each other.


11. Kids do what they want, when they want.


12. Children love to explore, and that takes bravery.

13. Kids will help you pimp your ride whenever you need it.


14. They’re perfect for young couples who have always wanted a water feature in their home.


15. You don’t need to pay for expensive tattoos when you have kids.

16. They’re always keen to help with home decorating. Plus, they’ve got a good eye for design.


17. They do their best to keep the bathroom clutter-free.


18. When they have accidents, they try their best to manage it themselves.

19. They always want to include you in their games.


20. They’re great with animals.


21. Children give better massages than Thai women.

22. They always like to join in with your hobbies.


23. But most of all, children are hilarious.