23 Pictures That Will Soothe Your Inner OCD

Sure, OCD is a serious condition often thrown around too carelessly, but everyone has that little monster inside them wanted things to be just perfect. These 23 images shut that little monster right up and will leave you with complete and utter inner piece.

1. Cheesecake topped off perfectly.


2. Perfectly arranged bowl of alphabet soup.


3. These slices of watermelon fit perfectly together.

4. This stream of water going into the faucet perfectly.


5. Origami placed perfectly according to color, in this box.


 6. Admit it, even if you’re not a perfectionist, this looks pretty damn good!

7. A perfectly spiralled pine cone.


8. Pyramid of pancakes that have been perfectly stacked.


9. How did the snow fall so perfectly on this bench?

10. This tomato that grew in a perfect spiral.


11. A snowball so spherical you’d think it was Photoshopped.


12. A perfect swirl of moisturizer.

13. Clementines from one bag that fit perfectly into this bowl.


14. That feeling when you draw a circle perfectly, and free hand!


15. This pan that seems to have come with the dishwasher because it fits so perfectly!

16. Who ever gets a perfect pancake?


17. Container meets Duracell batteries, and they are a perfect fit!


18. Cube of pyrite.

19. Witty candy company.


20. A perfectly spiralled plant.


21. Half a grapefruit that fits perfectly in this container.

22. Perfectly curved pepper.


23. The organisation of this bar, it seems to be perfectly symmetrical!