23 Pictures That Show Humans Are Kind Of Terrible

As humans we think we’re pretty intelligent, but we are wrong, we are oh so wrong.


1. You’re probably going to blame the technology aren’t you?


2. Because true bad taste has no statute of limitations.


3. You and all your kind are terrible human beings.

4. This passive aggressive Starbucks employee.


5. This person who requested a highchair for her purse.


6. But how are you going to get a selfie with the fire that way?

7. Remove the need to walk anywhere ever again.


8. Ayo technology.


9. This brownie butcher.

10. The dude who uses this rubbish bin as a table top.


11. This cereal killer.


12. All this for a single pill?

13. Who does that?


14. It’s like an Easter egg hunt.


15. At least he’s got the right sport.

16. You do not want to walk through this gate!


17. You had to say it didn’t you Staples?


18. That’s convenient.

19. You can’t half ass it today, UPS man.


20. The genius who posted this.


21. “I’m sorry I thought this was America!”.

22. This kid who seriously needs a biology lesson.


23. This person who follows instructions to the letter.