23 Photos From The Unluckiest People In The World

You might as well go back to bed because today is not your lucky day, tomorrow doesn’t look good either.


1. When your luck has run out, just stop.


2. You can’t win even when you’re playing against yourself.


3. Bottle nopener.

4. Some guy at the packing plant is laughing his ass off.


5. That’s what you get for buying American.


6. Come at me bro.

7. You yellow belly candy ass.


8. Too bad you have OCD.


9. Put a lid on it.

10. So close and yet soda far.


11. It’s painful to look at.


12. The first cut is the deepest.

13. At least it wasn’t a parachute.


14. Doesn’t this just leave you empty inside?.


15. Candy roulette.

16. It’s there to taunt you.


17. This spider is about to get a brown eye.


18. What you gonna do now?.

19. Maybe this one isn’t so unlucky after all.


20. Because you didn’t realize you bought blue Pepsi.


21. When life hands you too many eggs, make an omelette.

22. Life officially ruined.


23. Bricks can actually break.