23 Embarrassingly Cringe-Worthy Facebook Posts

Some Facebook posts make you cringe so hard all you can really do to ease the pain of what you just saw is hit that unfriend button.


1. It did?


2. Happy birthday, Earth!


3. Dat totally crazy.

4. Retake that whole history class, please.


5. Marilyn Monroe AKA the queen of text messages.


6. Stop, Matthew.

7. Organic ketchup, at least.


8. Hippocrates deserves better than that.


9. Born after the year 2000, clearly.

10. Pure irony.


11. Who are the five people that liked this?


12. Patriotism at its finest.

13. Seriously, dude.


14. Now it’s official.


15. That last comment was the jugular shot.

16. Homework for what?!


17. The most disturbing thing about this photo is how he spelled safety.


18. Turn up with a bottle of Windex.

19. No amount of pixels will make this less cringeworthy.


20. Jelly fence.



22. They should have paid attention in class instead of taking selfies.


23. Abortion: the new Atkins.