23 Of The Most Awkward Celebrity Encounters On Earth

What if you met your celebrity obsession on the street? Would you run up to them hysterically crying and ask them to sign your bra or man boob? Would you secretly take a photo of them and then run away? How about awkwardly posing with them after you have forked out hundreds of dollars on a meet and greet? These 23 super fans have had those moments and then some with their favorite celebs and it is hilarious…and awkward AF.

1. TRY to find a girl who doesn’t look like this when she meets Alexander Skarsgard…


2. Kim Kardashian is always prepared for a photo.



3. Elmo was so starstruck that his eyes couldn’t focus.

4. Christopher Reeves is not too impressed with this fan’s Superman cosplay!


5. When Justin Beiber plays a little tit for tat.


6. Yeah, Elijah Wood is not so into this.

7. Is the lady in the background erupting in applause at this fab-io moment?


8. It’s Britney bitch…don’t touch her.


9. Stephen King and Stephen Colbert with matching outfits, but not matching feelings.

10. Bill Murray looking like he wanted the photo with this fan, and not the other way around.

Side note – Why are two out of the three people closing their eyes?


11. This guy is so happy to have this dance with Katy Perry.


12. Tom Hanks really committing to the role of “too cool celebrity”.

13. Richard Simmons biting a fan’s hair. Yep, this is actually happening.


14. Just your average moment when Steven Tyler has no idea what’s happening.


15. This awkward kiss with Russel Brand!

16. Leonardo DiCaprio getting more than he bargained for from this fan!


17. Sooo this Jack Nicholson fan was never seen again.


18. Tom Hanks back at it again!

19. Gerard Butler mid eye-roll, or after too many beers?


20. You can’t blame these twins reaction to Iggy Pop’s face.


21. Beware of mirrors Robin Thicke! This is the photo that ended his marriage, for reals.

22. Not sure if the fan is fortunate or unfortunate in this situation.


23. Khloe ain’t got time for this.