22 Tweets That Convey The Mayhem Caused By Facebook And Instagram Going Down

After years of serving us faithfully and reliably, Facebook finally went down. And to make things worse, it took Instagram with it. Naturally, without these other avenues, the people took to Twitter to express their outrage.


First, people who hadn’t been seen for years started coming out of the woodwork.

And everyone started to realise that yes, this was a serious crisis.

Some selfless souls spared some time to help those most affected by the crash.

While some people just lost all hope.

Some struggled to remember the real-life niceties that had become so irrelevant in today’s social media dominated world

And some were determined to carry on as though everything was normal, even though everything was not normal.

Some people tried to make do as best they could, with the resources they had on hand

And some managed to draw some positives out of the despair that was a Facebook-free world

Some people couldn’t help but place blame

And some did not appreciate how grave the situation really was

But in the end, everyone pulled together, and we made it through!

We’re warning you Facebook, if you put us through that again, we’ll… well, I’m not sure what we’ll do, but we’ll be really mad.