22 Terrifying Photos That Will Give You The Willies! #7 Is Insane…

These extreme adrenaline junkies will make you want a safety rope attached to you all day. People die from tripping over on the footpath…yet these daredevils  go to extreme heights and depths to spit in the face of death. Take a look at how far these people will go to get a rush.


1. Cliff camping.

How is this even enjoyable?


2. Whitewater kayaking.

Go kayaking they said…it will be fun they said…you won’t die in a churning washing machine they said.

3. Icicle climbing.

…because ice never melts and causes an unsteady surface.


4. Yoga.

Simba must have been absolutely terrified out of his mind.

5. Causal push on the swing in La Casa Del Arbol.

No jumping off at the end this time.


6. Again with the cliff camping.

This needs to stop happening.


7. Extreme rock climbing.

Sundance Kid: “I can’t swim”

Butch Cassidy: “…are you crazy?…the fall will probably kill ya”

8. Rock climbing in South Africa.

Hug the wall…HUG THAT WALL.


9. Death Trail in China.

The nails look sturdy.


10. Diving into the abyss.

“And I’m freeeeeee free falling”

11. A bridge too far in Sequim, Washington.

When the hug and roll trick would not be a good idea.


12. Grand Canyon jumping.

They say the Grand Canyon is more than you expect…


13. Tree climbing a Redwood.

Tree huger.

14. A climber has a rest midway through a climb.

Just having a breather…


15. Trapeze paragliding.

A good way to combine two terrifying activities.


16. Slack-lining the Grand Canyon.

For when you need to just chill out a bit.

17. Kjeregbolten boulder in Rogaland, Norway.

Stuck somewhere between a rock and a hard place…and stupidity.


18. Cliffs of Moher, Ireland.

Just a nice bike ride that you can never f*** up because you will die.


19. Curious climber.

Nice view from the office.

20. Extreme skiing.

Face deep in white powder is not as fun as it sounds.


21. Rappelling down the “Fantastic Pitt”, Mexico.

Arm strength is key.


22. Tight rope walker in Rio.

“Tip toe through the window…”

23. Out on a limb.


Hanging by a moment…and fingers.