22 Pictures That Prove Kids Are Little Monsters

You can’t escape them, they are everywhere and they’re coming for you.


1. “From now on, my feet will answer any questions you might have”.


2. The ghost pooper.


3. David Bowie wannabe or sad clown? You decide.

4. Don’t ask, don’t tell.


5. Redrum.


6. The kid that’s more spider than man.

7. Tarantula whisperer.


8. Seems about right.


9. Everyone poops.

10. She lives outside now.


11. Fear the walking dead.


12. Frozen food aisle of the damned.

13. Nowhere is safe from the infestation.


14. Don’t make any sudden movements.


15. “The beast is finally asleep…”

16. It’s…so…ugly.


17. Something smells fishy.


18. They found her on the porch being raised by cats.

19. This glutton for punishment.


20. The transformation is almost complete.


21. It’s laundry day.

22. Beast and the beast.