22 Of The Most Gansta Moments In Modern History!

1. When this Simpsons fan posed with his bud, and his condom

22 Gangstas1

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2. When this chick stabbed her man with a squirrel

22 Gangstas2

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3. When these Playa’s showed us there smokes and gang signs

22 Gangstas3

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 4. When this hawt mama took a pizza box selfie

22 Gangstas4

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5. When this thug answered this age old question… whilst wearing a photo shopped hat?

22 Gangstas5

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6. This Ko0l KaT who refused to just be known just for his bananas

22 Gangstas6

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7. This rebel bunny who knows how to get s**t done!

22 Gangstas7

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8. This baller making it rain 10’s and….1’s

22 Gangstas8

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9. These mad gansta’s chillin-out-laxin-relaxin-all-cool

22 Gangstas9

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10. When Louis from One D’s Tshirt told us what do to when he lays his phat beats on us

22 Gangstas10

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11. This kid showing of his buzzy carpet and buzzier foliage

22 Gangstas11

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12. When this chick got a cheeky snack in her hair when she asked for cornrows

22 Gangstas12

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13. This Sk8r Boi killin’ this ramp

22 Gangstas13

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14. When Bill Nye proved he could also be the ‘Gansta Guy’

22 Gangstas14

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15. When this guy beat the system and got a tasty 3 for 1

22 Gangstas15



16. This hoodlum showing off his sweet nun-chucks and stacks o cash

22 Gangstas16

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17. This incredible bike drifting champ

22 Gangstas17

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18. This Cookie Monsta selfie

22 Gangstas18

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19. This bad-ass with his parole officer in Walmart

22 Gangstas19

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20. This guy’s guard dog who’s seen some stuff..

22 Gangstas20

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21. This sistah who knows how to eat cookie dough like a chocolate bar

22 Gangstas21

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22. And when the biggest gansta of all time Bill Gates got like 3 foot of air!

22 Gangstas22

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