22 Mind Bending Events Ripped Straight From An Alternate Reality

In television and movies, we are regularly presented with alternate realities. But what if the world really had turned out differently? What if major events in human history never happened? We might have lived a very different reality to the one we have today, kind of like the one shown below.


1. The Empire won the war against the Rebel Alliance, and have since infiltrated the Vatican.


2. Genetic modification has run rampant, as very few regulations were put in place after Dolly was cloned in 1996. This case is the result of human/toast splicing.


3. Coke is worshiped as the god of all beverages by a secret society planning world domination. They are also a terrorist organization. Fusing Mentos with Diet Coke, they have been responsible for several Pepsi related attacks.

4. Sesame Street was never made, and Big Bird is a homeless, gigantic bird looking for love.


5. After Krispy Kreme offered a lifetime discount of 20% to police, crime has been rampant.


6. A strange phenomenon has swept the world, known as Spontaneous Human Headlessness, or SHH.

7. Over the top regulations have strangled the movements of society.


8. This is a trend.


9. Due to over pampering, dogs have evolved to the point where they no longer exercise, they are strictly for display only.

10. Older men and women are far more desirable.


11. Dogs are more fashionable than their owners.


12. After a chemical attack in 1976 from the ‘Army of the 12 Monkeys’, men can also give birth. They now complain about the process being “rather painful”.

13. A successful marketing campaign, made the 2015 song ‘Hula Hoop’ the most successful song of all time. As a result, Hula hooping is once again an unstoppable craze, and is considered a traffic hazard.


14. The movie Up, has become the basis for fashion in modern society, and has been used in the runway shows of several prominent designers.


15. Because of an increase in tiger populations, they feel increasingly disconnected and have trouble establishing eye contact.

16. Following a landmark case in 2010, ‘The People vs Woman and Horse’, interspecies relationships are now condoned by society.


17. The world is a much darker place, where ‘survival of the fittest’ has become the adopted mantra.


18. Fetish pornography has gone to some strange places, there is no known cause.

19. After a selection of powerful women establish a secret society (name and date unknown), female-only clubs spring up all around the world. Conspiracy theorists believe they now pull the strings behind major world governments.


20. We have suffered many casualties in the human/horse war of 2011-2015.


21. A rare genetic mutation has seen certain dogs mutate to the point where they keep other dogs as pets.

22. Because of the the acceptance of interspecies love, pictures like this are a common sight on Facebook.