22 Inanimate Objects That Know Exactly How We Feel!

1. When someone kisses you on the neck


2. When you’re scrolling through your crushes Instagram and you accidentally like his photo


3. When you think the waiter is bringing food to your table, but they’re actually taking it to the table behind you

4. When that cute guy asks you out


5. When you get home after a night out and realise you’ve got a whole packet of Doritos in the kitchen


6. When you go into the kitchen and find that someones eaten your Doritos

7. When your buddy’s mad at your and you don’t know why


8. When you’re telling a story and you realise no one’s listening


9. When you wake up in the morning and realise that you forgot to charge your phone

10. When you wake up and have no idea where you are


11. When you’re really feeling your look


12. When you’re writing a naughty text to bae and accidentally send it to your mom

13. When you’ve poured your cereal and realise you’re out of milk


14. When there are no spare seats on your bus and you have to stand


15. When someone insults your home boy

16. When you find a dollar on the sidewalk


17. When you’re swimming in the ocean and something touches your leg


18. When you realise that the year 2000 was 15 years ago

19. When you go to the bathroom and realise there’s no toilet paper when it’s too late


20. When you’re home alone, in bed, and you hear a spooky noise


21. When someone says they got an A- on a test and you know you got an A


22. When you’re going to sleep and you remember something embarrassing that happened at high school