22 Guys Who Will Go Above And Beyond To Get The Job Done

These guys don’t know the meaning of ‘workplace safety’.


1. “Guys I think we need another fork lift to lift the fork lift that’s lifting the fork lift.”


2. Extreme window cleaning!


3. That looks kind of shady.

4. Land shark attack.


5. Photo shoot.


6. Be one with the bomb.

7. Stairway to heaven.


8. Car-pe diem.


9. Never skip leg day.

10. Another one ticked off his bucket list.


11. Say what you want but that paint job is great.


12. Your move, gravity.

13. Climbing the corporate ladder.


14. Time to hedge your bets.


15. Take a walk on the wild side.

16. Drawing the short straw.


17. Rope-a-dope.


18. Sh*t’s about to get real.

19. Sofa, it’s not looking good.


20. A cut above the rest.


21. Pimp my ride.

22. What a Jack ass.