22 Of The Best GIFs You Will Not Be Able To Survive

Many may wonder what a GIF actually is? Well, it’s a format of image file that supports both animated and static images. In reality it is just an incredibly short video that shows hilarious things happening, on a loop. Those things can happen to people and/or animals. Take a look at some of the best GIFs out there and try not to laugh out loud and annoy your boss. *still recovering from the “what the hell are you laughing at” jab from across the room*


1. Must have slept with his wife.


2. “Why won’t you die dammit!”.


3. He got fired right…right?

4. Attempting new things in life.


5. “Validate me.”


6. “My turn, my turn.”

7. “I caught the murderer on tape officer.”


8. What a heartbreaking loss for this raccoon.


9. Kid, don’t hit the kitty.

10. We thought there was a glass there as well, it’s all good brah.


11. When you’re trying to make new friends at a party.


12. When you unexpectedly get your period.

13. Mad skills, just mad.


14. When people take credit for your hard work.


15. This foal is moon-walking forwards…so much of the confusion.

16. Reapplying lipstick drunk in the club.


17. Ohh she is going to be so disappointed when she gets them developed.


18. Oh he dead, if not from this, then by the hand of his mama.

19. Like…absolutely nails himself.


20. Poor Vince Vega…just so completely lost right now.


21. Space kitty does not enjoy.

22. Hahaha he totally blew it.