22 Adorable Kids And Their Animal BFFs

1. This pup who’s almost as excited as his owner on his first day home!


2. These matching besties!


3. These friends who are excited to be reunited!

4. This dachshund who’s a little confused about what to do with his new friend.


5. This bulldog who thinks his friend needs a clean.


6. These driving buddies.

7. Dancing pals!


8. This little pup can take down a baby… in a nice way.


9. A basket of cuteness.

10. Napping buddies.


11. Partners in crime.


12. This cuddle puddle!

13. An adorable couple.

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14. The cuddliest attack ever!


15. The comfiest thing to ever take a nap on someone’s face.

16. Chef and sous chef.


17. Everyone needs a trampoline buddy.


18. Beach buddies!

19. Best buddies since ages ago.


20. Lucky it’s a big cage.


21. Hugs!

22. Best Friends do their time together.