21 Winter Moments Which Were Just Too Cold To Handle

1. When this person had a rough ride to the driveway


2. When this shop had a very specific opening policy


3. When this reporter did all she could so that she wouldn’t freeze to death

4. When this dog went outside, only to go back in


5. When this cat decided one step outside was more than enough


6. When this guy lost his marbles

7. When bread manufacturing companies were making profit from winter panic


8. When this counted as taking out the trash


9. When the person clearing the snow missed a spot

10. When going to the toilet would give you a bad frostbite


11. When the heater in the toilet was not hot enough


12. When these pets needed more warmth than their fur could provide

13. When Winconsin couldn’t handle it anymore


14. When this guy had to find other means to keep warm


15. When this weatherman spoke his mind

16. When this snowball couldn’t be stopped


17. When this cat went all ‘Rambo’ on this block of snow


18. When untangling his earphones wasn’t the problem


19. When even the snow mummies wanted to escape the cold


20. When you truly felt that you were freezing your butt off