21 Times Twitter Hilariously Understood Dating Life

These are 21 of the very best of Twitter’s insights into relationships and dating. Some of these will make you break up with your significant other and then very quickly make you get back together with them for fear of experiencing #14.


1. Unnecessary manners.


2. Susan never listens.


3. Forced intimacy.

4. How to win in four steps.


5. Yes sir, we are waiting until marriage.


6. The sad truth.

7. When fantasy takes over your reality.


8. Eating mashed potatoes out of the pot used to be our thing.


9. Surely working in IT would have been a warning sign.

10. “OMG I was joking…”


11. The sorting hat can direct guests to their seats.


12. Deuteronomy? Really?

13. Velcro always has your back.


14. OK STAY COOL…no one will know you are on a date.


15. Netflix and loneliness.

16. Two is an acceptable amount.


17. Side-eye to the dog.


18. She’s a lucky girl.

19. How very “Back to the Future” of her.


20. If you wanted to pay money for someone to like you less and less just go get a manicure.


21. Oh Jesus…