21 Times Tumblr Made You Feel All The Harry Potter Emotions

1. That time we realised we’re always Harry.


2. That time we relived Fred’s death over and over again.


3. But then we felt a little better about it.

4. When we realised Harry Potter fans are everywhere, but this one didn’t check her facts


5. When this guy pointed out the real reason Harry’s in Gryffindor


6. When we realised this girl is the coolest person ever!

7. This Harry Potter-Narnia mash-up


8. Or, even better, this Harry Potter-Mean Girls mash up


9. And there’s nothing wrong with putting the Lion King in there

10. This awkward sex tip


11. And the time Snape got creepy. Like, proper creepy.


12. The time we wondered what Bellatrix is going to do next?

13. That time we saw what Harry’s up to now


14. That time Daniel Radcliffe blew our minds


15. That time we went into denial

16. The time we found it that it’s happening. Already.


17. The time we decided to get Tinder


18. That time we realised that wizards aren’t as smart as we thought


19. When Martin Freeman pointed out the disappointment of not being cast


20. That time we realised Harry was useless


21. That time we found out the truth about Hufflepuff


22. The time we saw the perfect Harry Potter summary